Friday, June 22, 2007

Week #7 Thing #16 and curriculum connections

Wikis look interesting. They seem to have many applications from dissemination of information (some seemed more like a simple blog) to internal tools to help an organization meet and deal with communication needs. It seems a blog with specified access would be able to do much of the same. Perhaps the Wiki is simply a blog with almost unlimited access. I will have to look at the other sites more and review more of the information. I was impressed with many because of the vast variety of links and organization they demonstrated. These make me realize that I am going to have to keep working with some of the web tools available. I need to explore more sites beyond those listed. The one fact of this course is that there is too much to be able to know it all. My personal motto and belief is still true and continues to lead me toward life-long learning: I know enough to know I don't know enough.

Many of the wikis demonstrated an interesting method of tying the Internet into the classroom paradigm. It is a great collaborative tool. It allows a way to allow students to work together yet know who has contributed (up to the point shown by the computer via entry tags). It also makes a hard copy of instructions and possible help links available to the students.

Wikis can easily be used if they are allowed under school district acceptable use policies. this is one of the only possible barriers. In my Spanish classes it would be simple to create project wikis for historical or geographical projects involving group work. Each group would have access limited to their group members. Instructions regarding the specifics needed could be listed on the wiki. Each group would have to cite references, both print and non print. They would have to use some of the other tools available to add visuals such as graphs, pictures, maps etc.

They could also use some of the image editing and posting tools to create games or study tools for the class. Each person or group would have their tag on each entry to document participation and achievement.

As a library Media Teacher: this could become a great tool for scavenger hunts, book discussions, even library club presentations, planning and ???????

The only limit is the limit of the imagination and district policy. LOL

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