Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week #6 Thing #14

Exploring is really interesting once you see how well it works and how many options are available. I started the simple exploration of popular blogs. There is (as always) too much to see and to do. I first looked at blogs tied into earning $ from blogs. The old fashioned Edison Light Bulb went off in my head (LOUD DRUM ROLL), "Can I use a blog to generate extra funds for my future library?" An interesting thought for school fundraising. I then saw one entitled simply "43 Folders". I then followed some live links to sites regarding "GTD". This required finding out what the heck GTD meant:Getting Things Done. What a SCORE for me. I am always looking for a way to become more efficient and to beat my distractability. These comments may help me implement some great ideas that mesh with who I am. They may also turn dormant software into productive elements in my day.I was blown away by some of the technical tools in the gadget blogs. I was impressed by Skitch. I need to wait for it to become available for PC. As I explored some of the top searches, I had to retreat very quickly. It is scary to see what some people are searching, or I am too prudish.

Tagging seemed to really open up options for searches and brought to view optional search tags or keywords. It will be a big help up to a point, but it will also have a lot of imprecise hits. The blogs where I followed hot links seemed to be very useful as long as I was selective with my choices. there may be a problem in the public school environment because of the lack of filtering in the search engines. This will probably be overcome by filters in place at the educational sites. Then we reenter the intellectual freedom and censorship debates.

Now to see if I added my blog to technorati's search and tags.

Does anyone have a simple set of instructions to do this? I added the last tag into my Label section in an attempt to do the optional activity of linking my blog into technorati's search engine.

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