Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Week #5 Thing #12

I have created an account on Rollyo.com. I began a search engine for World War II because I am working on a project for a reference class. I am curious how you find appropriate search engines without going through the major tools such as Google etc. Where to you find topic specific search engines or tools? Hopefully the team leaders or a brave participant will answer this question in the comment sect. I have asked a number of questions or sought a comment in previous posts. Without response or comment, this activity loses a great deal of value. It leaves participants floundering and guessing if they are on the right track or need to adjust some of the things they are doing. Everything is a great start to blogging, but for those that want to really progress we could use some more specifics. Rollyo is one. I emailed them seeking a tutorial. I played around to see how it worked, but was not sure at first. If I get an answer to the original question of this entry, then Rollyo will be quite useful. If not, then it may be easier to use the mega(meta?)engines and simply bookmark them.

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