Monday, June 18, 2007

Week #5 Thing #11

I explored It has a mapping capability and gives real estate information. The searches can be general or specific. I experimented by using an address and a general location such as a town only. the mapping tool allows quite detailed arial views. I could see my own house and out-building very plainly. There are a number of possible views: the arial, the street map, and the hybrid (combination of the arial and street map views). There is also one called the heat map. ( This just seamed like a standard highway type of map with little detail.)There could also be another use. I love to fish. If I locate a known town or location near a body of water, I can maneuver the satellite to follow the river or stream. It could help in the way a topographic map might help. It also tells about properties for sale in an area and the values of the properties in the surrounding areas. This would be an excellent tool for those wishing to sell, buy, or invest. It might become useful in historical or geographic projects where there is a need to see the terrain. It could also help authors that are attempting to use real locations in their works. Louis L'Amour would have died and gone to heaven with this tool.

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