Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week #6 Thing #15

I read the following articles regarding Web 2.0: "To More Powerful
Ways to Cooperate" and "To Better Bibliographic Services". In the articles there is a discussion of ways to 'harness collective intelligence" by "[touching] the entire web at the same time". This can and will effect libraries now and in the future. WorldCat seems to play a significant role in the future of libraries. Web 2.0 opens many avenues to increase and improve collaboration and exchange among many and possibly all of the internet community. There are useful and vital sites mentioned such as WorldCat that bring online searches and publishing within the reach of all. The tools that are available are within the abilities of regular people. There are tools to meet most simple publishing needs. A widening of relevence and authority will be forthcoming as things evolve and improve. Interaction is growing between users of information beyond just libraries. Contributors, experts, etc are becoming part of a meta search tool. OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) is an organization that is working to tie libraries and the web into a meaningful and productive union. For more information go to: For WorldCat go to:


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Good to see you moving along. Be sure to take your time discovering and exploring. Have you checked out the "Weekly tips" section?

Best wishes.

Randy de Jong said...

I have read all of the tips to this point. they don't answer the concerns or need for further information. they are good, but basic.

Randy de Jong said...

OOPS! I have a bit more to add. I have been spending about 6-8 actual hours per weekly assignment. I have explored extensively. I am set up to finish a total of 9 hours this summer, so I am organizing and budgeting my time. There is too much information to remember, so I have been using to tag them. For the ones that I think are the most valuable I have been adding them to myy favorites and placing them in a variety of folders. I do this in case I can't find sites because I have forgotten a potential tag.