Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week #4 Thing #9

I am exploring some of the search tools to discover new RSS feeds. Edublog was interesting. I will have to explore more to see if I missed and archive. (There are archives) Some of the blogs were interesting. I enjoyed the perspective of "copyleft" presented on "tilt". It was fun to be able to use my Spanish on the bilingual site with a contributor from Chile. There were a number of sites that would be of interest to teachers of a number of disciplines.

I was not overly impressed with the search capability of Feedster. Perhaps I need to return to look for an advanced search tool. There were many irrelevant hits using a variety of indicators. helped me locate local news feeds. There is so much to sort through with the other sites that it is quite daunting. Time is the necessary element. More advanced search tools would add precision to the searches.

Blog Search was fun, especially seeing what was available regarding school library learning 2.0. There are more hits for this than for just library learning 2.0. I also experimented and entered my blog name "dejongsplace". It had a few hits. I think this is the tool that is most productive for me.

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