Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Week #9 Thing #22

I have been impressed with the number of free or reduced prices for ebooks and the number of formats available. There is enough free material available to last a lifetime practically. I am amazed at some of the human voice recordings of some of the audio books. The computer generated are distracting and obnoxious to listen to them. I can see a great deal of value for ELL students with the audio books. They would gain a great deal listening to the book alone or while following along with a print version. I realize the audio books are also useful for those with limited time that use an audio book while driving or multi-tasking. I would be concerned that it might cut into our pool of readers. Perhaps the research has shown how it has strengthened the readers in the younger generations. The audio format may also be a springboard for the reluctant reader or those that are challenged by reading.Ebooks will never replace a print format in my mind because it is really hard to curl up with an exciting computer. Noe it may be more feasible if you can curl up with a PDA or an IPod. As long as snacks are available, the reading will go on. I was very surprised to see free ebooks written by Edgar rice Burroughs. His writing is a challenge to many of today's students, but he a=is a classic author that will build any student's reading abilities with practice. I used tread his books to my 7th grade reading classes as a treat. I started reading them at 5 or 6 years old. Never a dull moment. This is the greatest site to find free books:

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Mrs. McDermott said...

I agree there are many good sources foe free e-books. I have been using recorded books for 6 years not only with ELL students, with readers below grade level and reluctant readers. They will never replace print especially for the good readers because it takes way to long to listen to a book. It's funny you mention snacks because I actually sell them in my middle school library. Rules: permission from your teacher and be at a table with a book. It started as a fund raiser and has been so successful we cut out a portion of the circ desk to put in a refrigerator for the juice boxes. Students now compete for the privilege of free reading time in the LMC with a snack. It also helps when there are classes for research. More kids start with books so it cuts down on the rush to the computers. Also, kids are generally quieter with food in their mouths.