Thursday, June 28, 2007

Practice to see if I can answer a question

I am trying to see if I can publish duplicate images and find the easiest way to delete the unwanted images. I am still experimenting, now to upload a second copy of the same image.

I was successful. I added the same picture. I went into edit html and deleted one of the pictures. The html designation for the picture is found between the "less than carot (<)followed by "a" and the greater than carot (>) followed by "a". The top sequence of code matches the top picture and the next batch the next picture etc. I highlighted the code for the picture I wanted to delete. This is basic for many but was an experiment for me. I tried to write it as you would see it, but it would leave the example blank because it really didn't represent an image. Write me an email if you need me to try to send it via email that is not in actual html.

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Library Learner Liz said...

Good job on the html code! I also wanted to tell you we have playaways at our school and the students are just beginning to check them out-- bec. we just got them. We'll see what happens next school year. We also got an ipod shuffle and a subscription to a book downloading service, so we'll see how that goes!