Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week #9 Thing #20

YouTube is a rather interesting site. It has a great deal of potential-good and bad. I can see a definite place in education, but am not sure how to monitor it. OOPS! Will this touch upon freedom of information, intellectual freedom, or censorship? Probably. What a fine line and now to see if we can manage the tightrope act 1000' up. Now to experiment with a few valuable inserts. (Beware! I have no clue about embedding anything in my blog, or using html code or editing.)

Super Librarian: Here is a scene that shows just all we librarians are made of and what we can do-

It looks like it may have worked. This is now bringing out the possibility of using a site similar to YouTube etc. for informational, humorous, tutorial videos etc. It looks like a tool to help students with projects that can span and cross the curriculum. I have seen a few videos that were interesting and gave a fun presentation to a high school library. I will have to put on my thinking cap and plan a multimedia presentation for my library orientations. there are many possibilities. Once again the main limiting factor is "TIME". Where do we get all that we need and still read, catalog, weed, teach, interact, collaborate, and have a life, besides doing courses to improve our knowledge and skills? I still have a lot to explore.

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