Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week #9 Thing #21 (part 1)

I enjoyed discovering podcasts. I found some things interesting but not of great use personally. I will probably find other podcasts that will be of greater interest through further exploration. I came across many that would not boot up on my system for whatever reason. I had others that came right up. I downloaded a player from Yahoo. I found PodcastAlley to be a waste of time since I could not locate any way to register for the site. I did attempt to play some of the podcasts without any success on all that I tried. I will go back and see if I can get them to work. I even tried to go to some of the recommended sites to download players that would work, but none would respond. I assume it was because I could not log in as a registered user. Some of the sites would be useful for library patrons seeking information or viewpoints about many subjects. Most of what I heard did not give much authentication or validation. Some were silly, homemade, humorous playing around from kids. Each feed would have to be evaluated by the librarian and/or patron to determine aplicability. I know from personal experience about some of the podcasts about other topics such as fishing. I have heard them before but had not realized they were podcasts. They came through on my Windows Media Player. Many seemd to come through the Yahoo tool and some came through the media player. It must have something to do with how they were created or the file type. So much to explore.I had to play around with the background color just to see how it would come out when posted. LOL

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Misc_wms said...

What do you think about making your own podcasts? There are some great uses for podcasts within the library world.
Maybe there is more use for you in that realm - as opposed to listening to them.

When you searched around to find some good stuff, I think you found out what one of the drawbacks is to social networking - that some folks are just goofing around and not everyone produces stuff that we all want to hear!

The blue background to your text is quite interesting!

Randy de Jong said...

Great thoughts. I agree. I need to explore the creation of a podcast. I think it might be fun to create one as an orientation to my library (when I get one) or to add to my school web space if the district doesn't restrict it. I can see a lot of uses in the languages, English or foreign. I may have to invest time and possible a few bucks for a digital video camera, or live with what may be available from school. I think the only true limitation is attitude and your imagination. Now, about the background, I wish it would extend across the screen (justified on both sides).

Bookminder said...

I have been collecting some good digital booktalks in del.icio.us and you might find them useful for your library. http://del.icio.us/bookminder/DigTalk