Friday, June 15, 2007

Week #3 thing #5-Libraries aren't quiet any more

I have discovered a lot as I have explored Flickr. This impressed me immensely. The Charlotte Observer ran a story about the dramatic shift and popularity of libraries in the area. Here is a link to a great slide show. It is a great example of what libraries may be, but remember there are other patrons that need their space and some quiet. Now to conquer the dilemma. I have been trying to add some pictures but they are not coming up in the right format, so I will close out and try again. It popped up after I thought there was no hope. This is only the first in the slide show. the presentation rally emphasizes the versatility of the modern library. It is alive, for all ages and interests. It can and should become the hub of a school or a community.

Randy de Jong
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