Thursday, June 14, 2007

Book discussion blog:Heat

I am in the process of becoming an LMT. I realize there is a great deal I don't know. This has motivated me to begin reading books young children and young adults. I heard a recommendation for a young adult novel, Heat by Mike Lupica. I was impressed. I was captured by the style and flow of his writing. (Beware, I am not a sophisticated reviewer and use basic, everyday words when I write.) He set up the exposition to the story through action and the development of his characters. I would never have expected a story that evolved and revolved around the sport of baseball to begin with a purse-snatching. Baseball became the canvass of the painting. The characters were believable allowing you to share their feelings, thoughts, and lives. I am feeling that there was a bit of predictability, yet kids would eat up the story. I could see this as a great family film if turned into a movie. What are your thoughts?

I am not sure where to add to this blog, here or on another individual entry. I am not sure how much is needed to continue this topic for the duration of the class. If anyone has thoughts and comments I am looking forward to them. As I have thought about Heat more, I realize that there is predictability in the outcome, but that the author guides the reader through a very interesting maze of events. He adds in elements of interest that reach a wide and diverse audience. I may have figured out the ending, but the journey was the greatest part of the experience. I was so impressed by his work that I read another book by him, Miracle on 49th Street. I agree with some of the reviewers' comments. I would read it again; I would recommend it to others; and I would actually create a display to highlight the work of Mike Lupica. Now I just need to get a library to do this. If I don't get a library, I may have to find the Spanish versions to tie them into my classes.


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