Saturday, June 16, 2007

Week #3 and Thing #7

I have been very impressed with the potential of using a blog to archive and store information in a searchable platform. I enjoy being able to add images from scans and digital cameras. It has also opened up a wide spectrum of photos when people have published public photos such as those in Flickr. I am hoping for a simpler and quicker posting interface in the future. There are quite a few steps needed to add some of the images. There are some that are documented as JPG but will not load after being saved in my documents. Others I had to play with in order to use the photos I wanted. I need to be careful not to shift some of the learning to technology if there is no real knowledge retention. I need to be aware of the tools that do the work for the student without a retention of knowledge. As a Spanish teacher, I know what my students can do on their own and am very aware when technology has added to the end product.

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