Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pathfinder tutorials

Hi, can anyone give me some hints about good sources for ideas for pathfinder activities or tutorials for using print reference collections? I found some good ones here. Maybe it will be useful to someone else. We beginners are searching and practicing all of the time. Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.

Randy de Jong

Future LMT

I know enough to know I don't know enough.


librarymum said...

One of the best lists of pathfinders on the web is found at the Internet Public Library. http://www.ipl.org/ Look on the left hand column under Searching tools for Pathfinders. I have used several of them (with credit given, of course) as a basis for some I have created for my high school library. Joyce Valenza has a lot of them on her school library site as well. http://www.sdst.org/shs/library/ Joyce has been blogging that she is going to create wikis for her pathfinders and I want to see what that looks like. I have asked her for permission to use her stuff before and she has always been willing to share.

I have used a blog on our school server to post pathfinders for classes. It's not a public blog and students and teachers have to log into the district portal to use things, so I can post user names and passwords to our databases, which I cannot do on a public blog. It has worked out pretty well. I make categories for the different depts. and grade levels so users can find the particular pathfinders. We can all log into the portal from wherever we can get on the internet.

I hope this helps. There is so much to explore, it's great!

Library Learner Liz said...

Thanks to Randy and to librarymum for the pathfinder tips.

OLED said...

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