Saturday, June 23, 2007

Week #7 Thing#18

I have been experimenting with the California Curriculum Connections wiki by adding some ideas for curriculum connections. One that I added is here: Idea: Create a magazine cover to introduce possible projects along the same lines as the articles indicated on the cover. Inside each student could expand on each theme as it related to him or her. This can be applied to almost any subject area. For a sample see:

I also added another about creating a scavenger hunt for practicing path finding when doing research. I have only seen one sandbox item and I have not played there yet, but I guess I will because it is needed. Now, will my entry remain or be erased as in a sandbox with a stiff breeze, a hard rain, or a shuffled foot of a happy child?

I have returned to edit my original post after finding the sandbox-luckily there was no evidence of cats! I did not see a link to the sandbox. I only saw it mentioned as a recently edited page. I also did a search to see if I could find it. I arrived and left my mark. I am unsure if what posterity will see will be what was wanted; but as in a sandbox I played.


Jackie S, 2.0 project manager said...

We love your sandbox (and cat) comments. Thanks for your contributions to the wiki -- keep them coming!

Liz Dodds said...

Thanks for the tip about I really need something like that to work with my photos.