Friday, June 8, 2007

Just getting my feet wet: Week #1 Thing #1

This is just the beginning of a new adventure. I enjoy learning for knowledge and often tire of the pursuit of a grade. I hope I can turn this into a life-long adventure that has no end to the journey. I am hoping to tie this into a goal of setting up an archival, searchable reference log and whatever else develops during the experience
and beyond.

I am looking forward to using this course and tutorial to increase my knowledge. I feel it will meet my needs and point me in the right direction if more is needed. Randy


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Bienvenido. Welcome to School Library Learning 2.0 - we are sure you will enjoy the journey.

There are lots of 2.0 tools for you to use for curriculum connections. Hope you will give us some ideas for use in teaching Espanol. If your students are also learning Spanish cultures, maybe they could create a travel blog through a Spanish-language country. Enjoy!

Randy de Jong said...

Gracias por el bienvenido. Me siento bien agradecido de tener esta oportunidad de progresar.

Randy de Jong said...

I hadn't been thinking about the blog in conjunction with my Spanish classes. Bien pensado! (Sorry, I am unaware of how to add diacritical marks in this blog program.) I have been thinking more about the uses in a library setting. I will have to plan for those other disciplines and share.